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Hello and welcome to Academic Advisor/Lecturer Katelynn Clement's Appointment Manager!  Reserve your academic advisement appointment here for Agribusiness, Horticulture and Landscape Management, and Food Industry Management students.  If you are any other major or minor in the Department of Agriculture at Illinois State University, please email Dave Malone at as he is your assigned advisor.  If you are an incoming transfer student, your appointment will be scheduled via email communication with an advisor.  

Before coming to your advising appointment, please print and fill out the following questions and bring with you:

1. When are you planning on graduating? (ex. Fall 2018)
2. What are your career goals?  List potential companies and possible job titles you would be interested in.
3. How do you plan on reaching your career goals?
4. Which classes do you plan on taking to reach your career goals?  (i.e. upper level AGR courses)
5. Do you plan on having an internship/job in agriculture during your time at ISU?
6. Do you have a minor at ISU?  If so, what is it?
7. Do you have a double major at ISU?  If so, what is it?
8. How many hours are you comfortable taking each semester? 
9. Do you plan on taking summer classes?
10. What questions do you have for your academic advisor?

The above questions will also be in your confirmation email when you make an appointment.  Check-in with Mary Akers in the main office.  Thank you!

Ms. Katelynn Clement

Available Appointment Dates :
  Appointment Time Location Subject Allowed Reserved
02/22/18 Thu 10:45AM - 11:15AM 5020 Agriculture . $ RAB Ropp Agriculture Building 125F $ Normal $ IL $ 61790-5020 1 0

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