Jeff Helms

School of Biological Sciences - Biology - Advising

Jeff Helms

Biological Sciences Pre- Health Professions and Academic Advisor

 If you are a Pre-Health student do not schedule a meeting with the new advisor. Skip to the **NOTE below.  Appointments scheduled with the new advisor by Pre-Heath students will be cancelled.

When making an appointment with me please include the following -

  • Your field of interest
  • Meeting purpose (i.e, scheduling classes, MCAT discussion, exciting new etc.)
  • Any additional information you feel will benefit me in preparing for our meeting

As the Pre-Health Professions advisor for the School of Biological Sciences I am both your academic and pre-health professions advisor. I can help you with selecting courses and creating an academic timeline to help you be as prepared as possible for admittance examinations (MCAT, DAT, GRE). Gain knowledge and understanding of the requirements for admission, as well as, what it takes to be a competitive candidate in your chosen field. 



**NOTE –

Currently the appointments you see here are the only ones I have available.  Further I do not even have any time slots to add an appointment in at this point.   You should be prepared to register on your registration date.  To do this use your Progress Toward Degree, Information on your Major and Courses that are considered prerequisites for your future goals to formulate a list of classes to register for.  You can email that to me and I will take a look at it within 48 hours.

We can then schedule a meeting to talk about your Pre-Health pathways after registration and also talk about time management and planning.


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