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To schedule an appointment, select a day and time below and enter the requested information. Students have the option to schedule appointments in a virtual or in-person format and you will be asked to select a meeting preference when you schedule (either “virtual appointment” or “in-person appointment”). If you need to change your meeting preference after scheduling, please email me directly at 

In-Person Advising Appointment Protocols:

In-person advising appointments will be held in my office, Fell Hall 418. For all in-person appointments, the following protocols will be in place:

  • Illness & Symptoms: If you are sick or displaying any symptoms (such as fever, cough, sore throat, etc.), you should not come to your advisor’s office. It is imperative that you contain your germs and do not share them with your peers, your instructors or your advisors.
    • In the case of illness, your advisor will still be happy to meet with you virtually. Simply email your advisor and we will send you a Zoom link to connect on the same day/time as your scheduled appointment. You may also reschedule for an in-person appointment if you prefer.
    • If you arrive to your appointment and are displaying symptoms, your advisor reserves the right to cancel.
  • Mobile Check-in: When you arrive for your appointment, please check-in using the link provided in your confirmation email or by scanning the QR code outside the Communication main office on the 4th floor of Fell Hall. After checking-in, please have a seat in the hallway outside the Communication main office and your advisor will come greet you for your appointment.

Virtual Advising Appointment Protocols:

Virtual advising appointments will take place via Zoom. Prior to your scheduled appointment, your advisor will send you an email with a link to their Zoom virtual meeting space, as well as notes for your appointment. For all virtual appointments, students must follow the protocols for appropriate Zoom etiquette as posted on our website.


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