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Dear Student,

During the last week of class and finals week, there are No Appointment Slots.  I will meet, if necessary, but you need to send me times you are generally available.

If you setting an appointment make sure to fill out the questionnaire after you select your time.  If you have a lot of questions or are not sure what your plan will be for the upcoming semester/s and need more than a quick check, make sure to sign up for a 30 minute appointment. If none of the times available fits your schedule, email me at I expect advisement meetings will be face to face in SCH 321.  During the summer months, the best way to set an appointment is to email me times you are generally available and I will find a time that fits both our schedules.  If you choose zoom, the link is listed below.


Cheers--Dr. Gifford

**Matt Blue is the History-Social Sciences Education Advisor.  His appointment link is listed on the history website or can be found here:


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